About Secret Habit

We exist because we care about what you are going through

What does our process look like?

Story Healing

Helping you make sense of the question you are asking 

“why does this keep happening?!!”

Focused Program

Working through a week by week study to create structure

Topical Support

Spending extra time on the areas that need further attention

Equipping and Sending

Helping you build a personal support system, equipping you with the mindset and tools, and encouraging you to take the next step in your journey.

Our Mission: To equip & empower people to heal from the harmful effects of pornography

Our Vision:

To ensure everyone has a safe place to share about their struggle

Our Values:

Approaching all situations through Authenticity, Safety & Support

The story behind Secret Habit

Founders: Shawn & Helena Bonneteau – Certified Profesional Mentors

Secret Habit was founded by Shawn and Helena back in 2017, and in 2019, it became a division of Open Door Centre. Their passion for this work comes from a background of personal struggle with porn addiction and betrayal trauma. Since embarking on their own healing journeys and finding freedom, Shawn and Helena started Secret Habit with the hope that their story would help others who are in similar situations, yet have a desire to work through their struggles. Secret Habit is focused on holistic healing that offers so much more than just behaviour management and sobriety… They are all about helping people find freedom, and they whole heartedly believe that it is available to everyone.

Contact Secret Habit

Office: (902) 422-8539

Text: (902) 292- 9100


3897 Novalea Dr, Halifax, NS B3K 3G4

Secret Habit: Division of Open Door Centre

Open Door has been a pivotal influence in the Halifax region for the past 30 years. With their focus being on Sexually Exploited Youth and Unplanned Pregnancies, their addition of the Secret Habit division now allows for anyone struggling with sexuality to be helped.

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