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I am worried about porn induced Erectile Dysfunction….
What Do I Do?

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier sex life. We are here to help you experience freedom in the bedroom and regain control of your sexual health


Achieve sexual confidence and intimacy in your relationships


Maintain sobriety and overcome unwanted sexual behaviours


Discover your complete wholeness and understanding of love

Shawn and Helena Bonneteau

The Real Truth About Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction Recovery

Discover The Root of This Problem

Problem #1 : Ignoring The Underlying Causes

Focusing on symptoms only is unhelpful. Pills, injections, and pumps are not a holistic solution to a thriving sex life.


Expensive treatments leave you sexually unsatisfied, with a sense that there should be more to sex


Masking the underlying issues with behavior modification


Falling into the cycle of addiction through “white knuckling”

why is forget and forgive unhelpful advice

“An ounce of kindness to your story will do more than any amount of willpower ever could” ~ Jay Stringer

healing alone from erectile dysfunction

“Having someone who has walked the walk is the element missing in most recovery circles” 

Problem #2 : Ineffective Recovery Efforts

Effective PIED recovery starts with understanding the limitations of traditional methods


Limited support and resources for PIED recovery


Losing hope and feeling self-condemnation

From PIED To Freedom,
Let Me Show You How

If you’re struggling with porn induced erectile dysfunction, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there too, and I understand the hopelessness that can come with it. However, after 14 years of addiction and 5 years of recovery and 4 years of successfully helping men, I’ve gained valuable insights and tools to overcome PIED. I’m here to share what I’ve learned and help guide you towards lasting sexual health.

Benefits of Quitting porn

Overcoming PIED: Addressing the Whole Person

PIED is not just a physical issue, but one that affects the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. By approaching recovery holistically, we can address all aspects of our addiction and find lasting freedom.

Solution #1 :
Grace-Driven Approach 

Recovery from PIED can be achieved by focusing on compassion, curiosity, inviting Jesus into our pain and seek understanding


Understanding our triggers


Addressing underlying causes


Building confidence


Focusing on grace not fear

PIED Recovery Coach happy couple

You have a Story Too!

We have to become compassionate and curious listeners of our stories, thoughts, feelings and deep down beliefs. 

Solution #2 :
Get Support from a PIED Coach

A coach who has first-hand experience overcoming porn induced erectile dysfunction and is dedicated to providing guidance can help you identify and overcome your blind spots, and guide you on journey to freedom


Focused Expertise


Experienced guidance


Tailored Support


Evidence-based recovery

Meet your Coach

Hey, I’m Shawn!I have the privilege of coaching men to freedom from pornography, erectile dysfunction, and other unwanted sexual behaviors. Along the way, I have learned the best and most cutting-edge approaches that really work, and I’m happy to say that my clients can be a testimony to that! All of the work I do is backed by my own 14-year addiction to porn and 8-year struggle with erectile dysfunction… but even more, it’s backed up by my recovery and freedom that has led to a life of sexual integrity, satisfaction and health.

Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Coach and Podcast Host, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Josh: Testimony of Healing From
Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Josh 5 Star Review Secret Habit Porn Addiction Recovery (1)
Josh struggled with porn and porn-induced erectile dysfunction before working with Secret Habit He was married for 8 months and had not experienced the fullness of sex with his wife when he began the coaching program After 6 months of coaching with Shawn, Josh is now celebrating 6 months of sobriety from porn and is now enjoying sex with his wife and is on his way to freedom! Stories like this are not just for Josh… they’re for YOU We are all about helping men become Confident, Healthy, and Free!

Freedom Plan: 

Freedom begins with the decision to get the help you need

1. Free Call

Safe place for Christian men to heal from porn addiction


1 on 1 coaching with Shawn

3. Live confident, healthy & free

Reach your potential without the bondage of pornography

Course Content

Get ready for a unique and extremely effective approach that creates emotional and sexual safety between you and your partner. The guided videos and worksheets will help pave the road for the two of you to create your very own “sexual template”

setting goals around pornography

1. Setting Goals and Defining Purpose

Define what you want together and why it matters to you

Support technician

2. Naming what is in the way

Learn how to name what causes you fear, anxiety, pressure, anger, etc.

Course listing

3. Naming what is true and factual

Truth and facts have the power to dismantle lies and myths. When the truth is spoken, we can receive it, live from it, and begin to thrive on it. 

4. What do you like, want and need?

Defining what is healthy to need, like, and want, and begin using these to enhance your sex life is a step in the right direction.

Web developer

5. Defining Expectations

We all have expectations, but only some serve the greater good. Naming the expectations that are unfair is the pathway to working towards the ones that are fair. 

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6. Extending Grace

Learning how to love in shortcomings is what alleviates pressure, fear and performance anxiety so you can thrive sexually.

But wait, theres more…

Each video lesson will come with a guided worksheet to help you and your partner have helpful, healthy, and effective conversations along the way. 

Set goals and define your purpose together

Clear out whats in the way of you two thriving

Assure each other of what you truly think and believe

Define your God-given and healthy needs

Name healthy and fair expectations in a relationship

Extend each other grace in areas of need

Client Testimonies

Check out what our clients are saying about working with us

Grayson 5 Star Review Secret Habit Porn Addiction Recovery

 “Shawn helped me connect the dots. He helped me label my emotions. Shawn gave me lots of homework that turned out to be life-changing for me. He helped Little Grayson heal and helped me on my journey to become the man of sexual integrity I’ve always wanted to be.  We prayed together and fought to discover truth together.It was a wonderful journey. I’m forever grateful for Shawn.”


I struggled with Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction when I was addicted to porn and shortly after quitting. This was not surprising to me because I knew I was still healing. However, what was surprising and even devastating, was that I struggled with Erectile Dysfunction as a lingering problem years after quitting porn. I can say today that I have overcome the issue and I feel a sense of confidence that I NEVER felt before. This has everything to do with the practical approach Shawn offers of getting into the root problems that offer lasting healing.

Jacob Downie

Hiking Guide

You can become confident, free and healthy too!

More client testimonies

Since beginning Secret Habit in January 2022, by the grace of God, I have not actively sought out pornography and I have seen an increase in trust within my marriage. My wife and I are enjoying the peace of this sustained sobriety and we are also learning to have deeper conversations around our own sexuality.      ~ Ryan

A note from Shawn:

After struggling with porn induced and psychological erectile dysfunction for 8 years, I finally found a healing approach that worked! Prior to that, I had invested so many hours and tons of dollars to get the help I needed but really, nothing ever worked… I will forever be indebted to 2 people who spoke into my life and helped me work through the deeper issues at hand and have these tough conversations with my wife. This is what lead to my freedom over erectile dysfunction and ultimately, the beginning stages of what we now know as the “sexual template”

Once I began experiencing the freedom I had been searching so long for, I realized that this whole healing journey is about introspection and being on the same page with my wife! Sadly, I also realized that many people were completely unaware of this idea and how to actually do it… So this is what drives us and the work we do with Secret Habit, may it bless you as it has blessed us.


Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder and Lead Coach, Secret Habit Life Coaching

happy couple free from ED

Experience the Fullness of God-Designed Sex 

Overcome ED, Performance Anxiety, and Sexual Dissatisfaction for a More Fulfilling Relationship

Achieve deep, holistic healing beyond just overcoming ED

Develop your own sexual template to thrive with your partner

Transforming sexual health and overall well-being.