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Secret Habit Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach is all about making sense of why you do what you do. Because most people do A LOT of things without knowing why – sexual and non-sexual, we see the greatest results in our clients when we help them feel a sense of power over their circumstances through teaching them HOW to think. We are all about equipping you to walk a life of freedom, rather than teaching you a bunch of things that only last for a season. Secret Habit is committed to your best results, holistically and wholly… to us, it’s the only option, and it’s what motivates us to continue doing this work.

Client Story

Joe Dipenta Free from Pornography
“Before joining Secret Habit and working with Shawn, I felt controlled by my emotions and susceptible to temptations like pornography.  I was stuck in a pattern of bondage that I didn’t want anymore.  When I heard about Secret Habit, I took a leap of faith by admitting to myself that I needed help in order to change.  Through coaching, which lasted over a 5 month period and lots of arduous work to discover the meaning behind my emotional suffering, I was able to break free.  Today, my emotions do not govern my unwanted behavior. I have been equipped with an understanding of my past and tools to work through each situation.  I am excited to share my good news by letting others know that we do not have to resign ourselves to be controlled in this way.  There is freedom in understanding why we fall into temptation.  Every aspect of my life is stronger because of what I learned from Shawn.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I’m Not Addicted To Porn?

Brain research is showing us that even a weekly or monthly pornography habit can cause a negative rewiring of the mind. Therefore, we agree with Jay Stringer when he says that those who re-lapse every few months may be in the worst of places. In other words, it’s easy to think you are doing ok when you only struggle here and there. Ultimately, we know there is always further sexual integrity one can experience in their lives and our mission is to help you experience it.

What Is a Porn Addiction?

It is said that these 3 things reveal if you are addicted to porn:

1. You have tried to quit and couldn’t

2. You have organized your life to accommodate it

3. You know the consequences but continue to indulge

Why Do I Need A Coach?

Coaching offers the greatest ROI of your time, energy, and finances. We know what it is like to struggle with porn and not know what to do… it feels hopeless. Despite many resources on the market, far too many of them don’t work. With Secret Habit coaching, our approach is to help you finally find what you have been searching for all along: Understanding, sobriety, restoration, and freedom 

How Long Is The Program?

Because each client is unique, we always cater the process to you. Of course, we have a guided program to follow with 24 growth-focused lessons. However, you have a story, a struggle, and a goal that is yours. Therefore, we focus our attention on the goal of freedom rather than getting through the lessons. Depending on the severity of your addiction to porn, it is fair to expect 3-9 months of coaching with Secret Habit.

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