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The story behind Secret Habit

Founders: Shawn & Helena Bonneteau – Certified Professional Mentors 

Secret Habit was founded by Shawn and Helena Bonneteau in 2017.  Their passion for this work comes from a background of personal struggle with addictions to porn and masturbation, erectile dysfunction, and betrayal trauma. Since embarking on their own healing journeys and finding freedom, Shawn and Helena run Secret Habit with the hope that their story will help others who are where they once were. Physically located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and virtually available to anyone around the world, the opportunity to make a global impact has always meant a lot to the Bonneteau’s. The coaching approach to Secret Habit is focused on sexual discipleship. This offers so much more than just sobriety and behavior management … This approach is all about helping people live an abundant life after pornography, and they wholeheartedly believe that abundance is available to everyone.

About Shawn Bonneteau:

Shawn Bonneteau Secret Habit Life Coaching

“Shawn Bonneteau has a deep passion for helping men live an abundant life after pornography. With his own 14 year addiction to porn and masturbation, he knows first hand what it is like to struggle. Since 2017, Shawn has been an advocate for holistic healing from things like porn addiction, (porn induced) erectile dysfunction and other sexual struggles. He has coached and mentored men from around the world, spoken to crowds in person and virtually from all over the globe, and has led trainings for leaders wanting to help their organizations deal with the harms of pornography. Shawn lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Helena and their daughter Violet. In his free time, he loves to go for walks, play chess, film his daughter doing new things, rollerblade and go to the beach.”

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The Mission of Secret Habit:

To Disciple & Mentor men & women to experience an abundant life after pornography

Our Vision:

Marriages restored
Families reunited
Men & women thriving in life

Our Values:

Authenticity,  Safety,  Willingness & Courage

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