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We know what it's like to go from hopeless and stuck to purposeful and free
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Secret Habit Shawn and Helena Bonneteau

We know what it feels like to be stuck in addiction. We’ve been there ourselves!

Secret Habit has a foundation of:

Personal experience (living testimony of freedom)

Honesty and authenticity (sharing our struggles openly)

3 years coaching experience

Certified professional mentor, coach, and Sexual Freedom Educator

Clients worldwide who are finding freedom from sexual addiction

Meet your Coaches

Shawn Bonneteau has a deep passion for helping men live an abundant life after pornography. With his own 14 year addiction to porn and masturbation, he knows first hand what it is like to struggle. Since 2017, Shawn has been an advocate for holistic healing from things like porn addiction, (porn induced) erectile dysfunction and other sexual struggles. He has coached and mentored men from around the world, spoken to crowds in person and virtually from all over the globe, and has led trainings for leaders wanting to help their organizations deal with the harms of pornography. Shawn lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Helena and their daughter Violet. In his free time, he loves to go for walks, play chess, film his daughter doing new things, rollerblade and go to the beach.”

Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder and Lead Coach, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Hey, I’m Helena! Since 2018, I have had the privilege of coaching women that have had their relationships damaged by their partner’s use of pornography. My goal is to help you navigate your new painful reality and help you give your pain a voice. I am all about holistic healing and transformation that comes by combining faith and science. This approach is built from my own experiences and past story of toxic relationships, pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, sexual abuse, and body image issues. I remember feeling exhausted from white-knuckling it all on my own and hiding behind a mask because I didn’t know who to talk to. This drove me to create the Betrayal Trauma Online Self Guided Program to help women have a place of trusted and proven guidance, to know that they are not alone.

Helena Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Coach and Podcast Host, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Together, we can overcome this addiction!

At Secret Habit, we know you want to live a life free from pornography. To do that, you need to get to the root of the issue. The problem is getting into the areas that need deep healing is incredibly hard, especially if you go at it alone. This isolation creates a cycle of failure and shame that slowly erodes us from the inside out.

We want you to know that we understand your struggle because we’ve been there too. This is why we live and teach from our personal experiences of sobriety and freedom. We believe you and your loved ones deserve more than porn. And we know together, we can overcome this addiction.

The Mission of Secret Habit:

To equip men and women with the best recovery methods that move them toward lasting freedom from sexual addiction and betrayal.

Our Vision:

Every person in our tribe will thrive in Gods purpose for their lives through gaining freedom from pornography and other unwanted sexual behaviors

Our Values:

Willingness, Courage, Curiosity, Vulnerability, Compassion
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