The Hidden Gem To Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction 

You are here because you are the kind of person who is ready to take charge of their recovery. Like most people, I am sure you are eager to rediscover the joy of sex with your partner. Sadly, stats are showing us that 33% of men under 40 deal with ED, and to me, that’s devastating! It’s time to learn the foundational step that opens the door for total restoration between the two of you and your struggles with erectile dysfunction

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Meet your teacher

Hey, I’m Shawn! I have the privilege of coaching men to freedom from pornography, erectile dysfunction, and other unwanted sexual behaviors. Along the way, I have learned the best and most cutting-edge approaches that really work, and I’m happy to say that my clients can be a testimony to that! All of the work I do is backed by my own 14-year addiction to porn and 8-year struggle with erectile dysfunction… but even more, it’s backed up by my recovery and freedom that has led to a life of sexual integrity, satisfaction and health.

Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder and Lead Coach, Secret Habit Life Coaching

What You Get: Course Content

Get ready for a unique and extremely effective approach that creates emotional and sexual safety between you and your partner. The guided videos and worksheets will help pave the road for the two of you to create your very own “sexual template”, the very “hidden gem” that helped me overcome Erectile Dysfunction

setting goals around pornography

1. Setting Goals and Defining Purpose

Rarely do we define what we are shooting for and why it matters… Be it with life, marriage, or sex. This first step is a perfect starting point to a life of sexual satisfaction together! We believe God made sex for a wonderful purpose and we want you to find out all about it.

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2. Naming what is in the way

We all bring junk into our relationships that need to be talked about… This comes out as negative beliefs and thoughts, fears, expectations, etc. They have the power to create sexual disconnection, intimacy anorexia, and much worse… Getting it all on the table is an amazing way to release the hidden pressures we feel.

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3. Naming what is true and factual

Truth and facts have the power to dismantle lies and myths. When the truth is spoken, we can receive it, live from it, and begin to thrive on it. We believe the truth sets us free and it’s this truth that becomes a light for the things that need some love.  This is a key step to living a life of sexual satisfaction and overcoming ED

4. What do you like, want and need?

We all have God-given needs, likes, and wants. However, we also have things we confuse as needs that can hurt our partner. Being able to define what is healthy to need, like, and want, and begin using these to enhance your sex life is a step in the right direction.

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5. Defining Expectations

We all have expectations, but only some serve the greater good. Naming the expectations that are unfair is the pathway to working towards the ones that are fair. I find expectations are at the heart of what holds most relationships back from thriving sexually… especially when ED is present.

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6. Extending Grace

We are all on a journey of being under construction. What if your partner knew these areas and could offer your grace, love and support? To be loved in areas of weakness and growth is what alleviates pressure, fear and performance anxiety so you can thrive sexually.

But wait, theres more…

Each video lesson will come with a guided worksheet to help you and your partner have helpful, healthy, and effective conversations along the way. 

Set goals and define your purpose together

Clear out whats in the way of you two thriving

Assure each other of what you truly think and believe

Define your God-given and healthy needs, wants and likes

Name healthy and fair expectations to live by together

Extend each other grace in areas of need

Client Testimonies

Check out what our clients are saying about working with us

I’ve never met someone so transparent and bold as Shawn. I loved all the practical (yet challenging) steps he provided because it helped me grow in self-awareness. 


This was genuinely the best choice I have ever made. While some sessions were more difficult and vulnerable than others and the process of breaking free of my addiction was long, it was all very worth it


Ready To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

Learn the hidden gem and rediscover the joy of sex with your partner

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Over $1000 value packed into this one course.

Thousands of hours of recovery work boiled down into one place

Holistic Healing methods that improve your entire life

Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction naturally can feel impossible

Most methods deal with the wrong problem!

Most people have tried everything to get healthy erections to no avail… It can feel frustrating, embarrassing, and hopeless.

Problem 1: Focusing on the penis

Pills, injections, and pumps are not a holistic solution to a thriving sex life.


You rely on expensive treatments to sexually perform and never really feel the satisfaction you’re looking for… you think “there’s gotta be more”


When the core issues are missed through physical treatments, the lingering root issues never get addressed and the problems ensue.

erectile dysfunction problem

I spent many years of my life thinking that I was a defective man for not being able to get regular and healthy erections…

healing alone from erectile dysfunction

I always felt a sense of pressure to perform sexually… I always wondered if I was good enough, hard enough, or sexually pleasing to my wife. This created so much pressure that I could not get an erection…

Problem 2: Trying to heal alone

This is an issue that affects you and your partner… healing together is crucial, yet often missed


The thoughts continue to linger… “does she really love me?”; “Does she only feel pleasure if I perform well?” etc…


Creating safety, to be fully known and fully loved gets missed and everything relies on the man to work through his own stuff… This is TOO much pressure for him 

How we work:

Because we have experienced the pain of “trying everything” without success, we are committed to bringing you the best, so you can experience hope and healing

solution to erectile dysfunction

Holistic Healing

God is the creator of our bodies, minds and spirits. This means they ALL matter and all work together for our ultimate good.

We are focused on holistic healing

When we heal from the inside out, everything in our life is affected for the better. This has been one of the most consistent truths about overcoming erectile dysfunction… Hard emotions lead to a soft penis.


Experience hard, strong and confident erections


Create a relationship with your partner that brings utter joy


Feel like a man of dignity and worth


Develop greater emotional and sexual intimacy

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Two is better than one

When united couples decide to grow together, they become “power couples” and we need more of those in this world!

Doing this together strengthens the recovery and reward

When a couple decides to heal together, the connection that develops during the process is what crushes shame and opens the door to sexual satisfaction like never before. 


Release pressure, secrecy and fear of not being good enough


Know that your penis is more than enough


Open up communication about topics that may have been hard to talk about before


Feel the zest for life that comes when you are able walk in freedom

This is why our customers love our approach

I feel completely natural and I feel so free now knowing Im not hiding anything. I feel such a sense of freedom and no more guilt. Its a great feeling when you can look yourself in the mirror and not be ashamed of what you see. 

Today, my emotions do not govern my unwanted behavior. I have been equipped with an understanding of my past and tools to work through each situation. Every aspect of my life is stronger because of Secret Habit. 
Joe DiPenta

Former NHL Champion

Shawn challenged me to invest in my recovery journey. I am so glad I did… I turned down tens of thousands of dollars of work to meet with him, but I now know that my sexual health and freedom is so much more valuable.


The pathway to finding “the hidden gem” of overcoming erectile dysfunction

Here is the roadmap unpacked in this course

Laying a new foundation

Being willing to have open, honest, and safe conversations is the beginning of new things to come.

Out with the old

Getting rid of whats in the way is key to making room for what will serve your goals and purpose

In with the new

Your sexual template will be made up of the things that serve the two of you so you can thrive as a one flesh couple

A note from your coach and guide:

After struggling with porn induced and psychological erectile dysfunction for 8 years, I finally found a healing approach that worked! Prior to that, I had invested so many hours and tons of dollars to get the help I needed but really, nothing ever worked… I will forever be indebted to 2 people who spoke into my life and helped me work through the deeper issues at hand and have these tough conversations with my wife. This is what lead to my freedom over erectile dysfunction and ultimately, the beginning stages of what we now know as the “sexual template”

Once I began experiencing the freedom I had been searching so long for, I realized that this whole healing journey is about introspection and being on the same page with my wife! Sadly, I also realized that many people were completely unaware of this idea and how to actually do it… So this is what drives us and the work we do with Secret Habit, may it bless you as it has blessed us.

Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder and Lead Coach, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Are you ready to overcome erectile dysfunction?

With all you now know about true healing and the opportunity at hand, now is the best time to invest in yourself and your relationship!

Deep healing that goes far beyond just overcoming ED

Your very own sexual template to thrive with your partner

Get a return on investment that exceeds expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get after I make a purchase?

You will receive full access to the mini-course which you can access anytime, anywhere for life. You will also get free access to updates we make along the way.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Although we would love to be able to say this will work 100% of the time, the reality is, it’s going to be up to you, your partner, and the commitment to total healing. We see this method working and we believe it’s proven to stand the test of time. I assure you, you will not only have some stuff to do in this course, but you will learn new ways of thinking and acting that will transform the very fabric of your life.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We stand behind our products, but we also stand firm in our coaching approach. We know that this course is fantastic, but if you take the time to learn, absorb, apply and practice what is in this course and find that it was not at all helpful, please email and we will discuss your situation and work to resolve the problem.

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