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How Do I know If Mentoring is Right For Me?

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Mentoring has Become the Best Option for Recovery

According to the “Barna Study” done in 2019, Mentors have become the #1 option for those looking to heal from unwanted sexual behaviours. The reason being is that there is no other form of “help” that caters exactly to what you need like this. To learn from those who have walked your walk, and who have walked into the freedom you so desire is truly the best way you can recover.

Shawn & Helena are Certified & Qualified

Shawn and Helena are accredited as CPM Mentors and have gone through reputable studies, just like other professionals in the field. The Bravehearts CPM Certification is built to develop Mentors and ensure that their practice is of the highest standard. This ensures that you are in the hands of professionals who are prepared and able to guide you to the freedom you’re seeking.

Structured Program with Proven Methods

Mentors are specialists that develop specific methods of practice to ensure the exact results you’re seeking. Shawn and Helena teach principles that are proven by years of quality control, and they mentor based on methods that they have used for themselves and many others. 

Our Services 

1-on-1 Mentoring for Men

  • Guided program with coursework & weekly 1 on 1 sessions
  • Sobriety → Recovery → Freedom method
  • Focusing on finding your root problems and healing the cause
  • Sexual Integrity Discipleship through faith and science
  • Made “for you” action plan to stay free

1-on-1 Mentoring for Women

  • Guided program with coursework and weekly 1 on 1 sessions for betrayed or addicted
  • Betrayed: Understanding and healing your past hurts and current betrayal
  • Addicted: Focusing on finding your root problems and healing the cause
  • A safe place to be heard and validated
  • Made “for you” self-care plan to restore your well being

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Office: (902) 422-8539

Text: (902) 292- 9100

3897 Novalea Dr, Halifax, NS B3K 3G4

Secret Habit: Division of Open Door Centre

Open Door has been a pivotal influence in the Halifax region for the past 30 years. With their focus being on Sexually Exploited Youth and Unplanned Pregnancies, their addition of the Secret Habit division now allows for anyone struggling with sexuality to be helped.

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