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Our methods are focused on empowerment, equipping and ultimately holistic healing. By using methods learned from some of the top leaders in the industry, along with curriculums and resources that are getting the truest results one could hope for.

Structured Program and Support

We believe that structure is important, but we also believe that has to come with the right foundation. We offer support and programs that get deeper than most have gone before… We see ones story as a roadmap to healing, so we design our sessions to unpack your life story and view it from a new vantage point, so that you are left empowered to start a new chapter in your life. 

Our Services 

1-on-1 Support Counselling for Men

  • Guided program with coursework & weekly 1 on 1 sessions
  • Sobriety → Recovery → Freedom method
  • Focusing on finding your root problems and healing the cause
  • Sexual Integrity Discipleship through faith and science
  • Made “for you” action plan to stay free

Group Support Counselling for Men

  • Guided program with weekly group sessions
  • Structured and designed to keep you on track
  • Built-in accountability 
  • Leave feeling equipped, empowered, and understood

1-on-1 Support Counselling for Women

  • Guided program with coursework and recommended book study
  • weekly 1 on 1 session for partners of pornography/sex addicts
  • Understanding and healing your past hurts and current betrayal trauma
  • A place to be validated, heard and lead to find the right tools and support to overcome the trauma of betrayal
  • Specialized, compassionate and professional help
  • Made “for you” self-care, gameplan plan to restore your well being

Contact Secret Habit

Office: (902) 422-8539

Text: (902) 292- 9100

3897 Novalea Dr, Halifax, NS B3K 3G4

Secret Habit: Division of Open Door Centre

Open Door has been a pivotal influence in the Halifax region for the past 30 years. With their focus being on Sexually Exploited Youth and Unplanned Pregnancies, their addition of the Secret Habit division now allows for anyone struggling with sexuality to be helped.

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