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About Our Porn Addiction Help and Coaching

We believe that porn addiction is about so much more than a hunger for sex. In other words, people seek out porn, not because they are horny, but because they are hurting. For this reason, our approach to coaching is much more about the story behind the addiction to porn rather than the addiction itself. To illustrate, one may watch pornography and masturbate after a day of feeling unproductive and alone. Despite what’s on the surface, a desire to numb out, the emotion underneath is likely anger, in the form of entitlement. Therefore, in our role as “coach”, we would guide you deeper into the story that this is telling. This is what is most helpful and ultimately, what brings freedom from pornography.

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Client Stories

happy client testimony

“I wanted to send you an update on myself that I hope will be encouraging to you and your ministry, as although we only worked together a short time, The Lord used it powerfully in my life. As you know, back in December 2019 you encouraged me to disclose to my girlfriend about my addiction and I did so, and it was such an amazing blessing. Having told her, I felt like I can tell anyone. I finished the book Unwanted and have since worked through it a second time with a friend and recommended it to others too. I gave my testimony at Celebrate Recovery and was told that it was helpful to many. I’ve gotten married and am expecting a child with the girlfriend who is now my wife, in July. It has been nearly 16 months since I’ve looked at porn. My mind is becoming more clear every day and I’m so thankful to God. Thanks for coming to Halifax and ministering in such a vital area, and for taking time to speak into my life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I’m Not Addicted To Porn?

Brain research is showing us that even a weekly or monthly pornography habit can cause a negative rewiring of the mind. Therefore, we agree with Jay Stringer when he says that those who re-lapse every few months may be in the worst of places. In other words, it’s easy to think you are doing ok when you only struggle here and there. Ultimately, we know there is always further sexual integrity one can experience in their lives and our mission is to help you experience it.

What Is a Porn Addiction?

It is said that these 3 things reveal if you are addicted to porn:

1. You have tried to quit and couldn’t

2. You have organized your life to accommodate it

3. You know the consequences but continue to indulge

Why Do I Need A Coach?

Coaching offers the greatest ROI of your time, energy, and finances. We know what it is like to struggle with porn and not know what to do… it feels hopeless. Despite many resources on the market, far too many of them don’t work. With Secret Habit coaching, our approach is to help you finally find what you have been searching for all along: Understanding, sobriety, restoration, and freedom 

How Long Is The Program?

Because each client is unique, we always cater the process to you. Of course, we have a guided program to follow with 19 growth-focused lessons. However, you have a story, a struggle, and a goal that is yours. Therefore, we focus our attention on the goal of freedom rather than getting through the lessons. Depending on the severity of your addiction to porn, it is fair to expect 3-9 months of coaching with Secret Habit.

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