Betrayal Trauma Support

We help women give their pain a voice
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“Beneath The Skin”

Self Guided Program For Sexual Betrayal Trauma

Make Sense Of Your PTSD-Like Symptoms

Develop Compassion for Yourself

Story Healing

Finding And Creating Safety

Renewing The Thoughts in Your Head

Confront Distress & Anxiety

Learn Resiliency & Thrive

About Beneath The Skin


You don’t have to feel voiceless in what you’re experiencing.
We designed this program out of a deep care for the unspoken, unheard, and painful emotions that are screaming for attention. Beneath the Skin is a place for you to find your voice, tend to your story, build resiliency, and experience peace again.

Betrayal trauma program

Meet your Coach

Hey, I’m Helena! Since 2018, I have had the privilege of coaching women that have had their relationships damaged by their partner’s use of pornography. My goal is to help you navigate your new painful reality and help you give your pain a voice. I am all about holistic healing and transformation that comes by combining faith and science. This approach is built from my own experiences and past story of toxic relationships, pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, sexual abuse, and body image issues. I remember feeling exhausted from white-knuckling it all on my own and hiding behind a mask because I didn’t know who to talk to. This drove me to create the Betrayal Trauma Online Self Guided Program to help women have a place of trusted and proven guidance, to know that they are not alone.

Helena Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Coach and Podcast Host, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Woman’s Healing Story

healing from betrayal trauma Halifax
“When I found Helena, I was in the most painful moment of my life and I was desperate for help. I was experiencing severe betrayal trauma after discovering that my boyfriend, Noah, was lying to me and watching pornography. Helena became my Sherpa guide through the grief, anger, anxiety and uncertainty that consumed my life. She led me with great compassion, grace and a smile that gave me hope. Helena did more than help me cope and heal from betrayal, she discipled me. She taught me how to practically renew my mind with God’s word, how to lament, and how to depend on God no matter what my circumstances looked like. Today, Noah and I are married and are more in love with Jesus and each other, more than ever. We are now able to even disciple others and use our story as a testimony of God’s grace as we continue to grow ourselves.”

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