Betrayal Trauma Support

We help women give their pain a voice

* Launching Winter 2021

“Beneath The Skin”

Self Guided Program For Sexual Betrayal Trauma

*Launching in Winter 2021

Make Sense Of Your PTSD-Like Symptoms

Develop Compassion for Yourself

Story Healing

Finding And Creating Safety

Renewing The Thoughts in Your Head

Confront Distress & Anxiety

Learn Resiliency & Thrive

About Beneath The Skin

*coming October 2021

You don’t have to feel voiceless in what you’re experiencing.
We designed this program out of a deep care for the unspoken, unheard, and painful emotions that are screaming for attention. Beneath the Skin is a place for you to find your voice, tend to your story, build resiliency, and experience peace again.

Betrayal trauma program

Client Story:

story healing betrayal trauma

“As someone trying to work out a relationship filled with much mistrust and sexual betrayal, I found myself needing a great deal of accountability and guidance. I needed to learn how to get out of my own head where I was living every day in fear and anxiety. Helena’s mentoring and program has been incredibly helpful in helping me work through my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. She has helped me examine them and check them against scripture, and to find security and rest in God. This practice has also helped me frame and change my behavior. I can now respond and live in Christ-likeness instead of being stuck in sinful and self-defeating behaviors. I have much hope and rejoicing, even in this current season of pain knowing that it is only with the testing and blessing of God that I would be able to persevere no matter the outcome. I am excited to be able to live in thanksgiving for all that has happened, to continue utilizing these tools in my life, with the grace of God, and share His wisdom with others”

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