The Essential Step To Quitting Porn


Understand why you get triggered


Learn from your mistakes, shame and re-lapses


Develop the habits that lead to freedom from porn

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Proven Methods that work

Becoming curious is what creates a roadmap for you to truly heal and find lasting freedom from porn addiction

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The benefits of learning how to become curious in your recovery are exponential

Becoming Curious About Your Triggers

Reclaim confidence

I believe triggers are God’s way of telling us to pay attention. Much like a prophet, triggers share something with us. If we listen, its amazing what we can learn… it may just be the key to you experiencing some peace in your recovery

Becoming Curious About Your Story

Experience compassion

For addicts, it can feel impossible to imagine offering yourself compassion… Well, God is a God of forgiveness, compassion and power. When we bring a kind and curious spirit to the things we hate, we are rewarded with lessons that light the way to new healing

Inner Child Healing

Renew your spirit

Hope grows as you see the light shine on areas that once were dark… When you begin making sense of your struggles through curiosity, you will experience the hope we all so often hear about in Gods good plans

quitting porn worksheets

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Trigger Template

Fantasy Framework

Writing Your Story

Client Testimonies

Check out what our clients are saying about working with us

I am excited to share my good news by letting others know that we do not have to resign ourselves to be controlled in this way.  There is freedom in understanding why we fall into temptation.  Every aspect of my life is stronger because of Secret Habit. 

Joe DiPenta

NHL Cup Champion, Business Owner

I’ve never met someone so transparent and bold as Shawn. I loved all the practical (yet challenging) steps he provided because it helped me grow in self-awareness. I am now celebrating over two years of complete sobriety and freedom from porn and masturbation


School Counsellor

quitting porn worksheets and free coaching video

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Stalling in your recovery sucks… I know the feeling

There are too many recovery methods that DONT WORK…

These methods focus on behavior changes, throwing mud against the wall, and fighting with willpower.

hopeless nothing works recovering from porn

Problem: You have tried everything and nothing works

Hopelessness sets in when we begin to feel like we are stuck forever… With 70% of men and 40% of women struggling with porn these days, there’s gotta be something wrong with the system.


You have had short stints of sobriety but cant seem to stay pure


You have had zero success and are close to giving up

Problem: The Church Doesn't Seem To Help

Sadly, 50% of pastors are struggling with porn and are bringing a shame message rather than a message of hope and freedom.


Gods offer of abundance, grace and forgiveness dont seem to change your way… you stay stuck in shame and guilt


You feel like a hypocrite in your faith and feel distant from God and your community

hopeless nothing works recovering from porn

Good news, There’s a better way!

Because we have experienced the pain of “trying everything” without success, we are committed to bringing you the best, so you can experience hope and healing

the solution to quitting pornography

We are focused on holistic healing

When we heal from the inside out, everything in our life is affected for the better. This enables us to not only quit porn but to become the best versions of ourselves along the way. We use proven methods that really work, so you can get results that really matter.

Become healthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically

Become the man/woman God made you to be

Solution breaking free from pornography

God has given us the tools we need

We look at healing with a faith + science approach. We believe in scripture, psychology, and the spirit of God as our best tools in this journey to freedom from porn.

Experience a rejuvinated faith that moves mountains

Pursue Gods beautiful design for your sexuality

We are seeing great things with our clients!

We believe ones journey is between them and God, we are simply guides to help them walk down the right path. When this partnership takes place, the results have been fantastic!

Noah's testimony

“Before I started working with Shawn, I was deeply addicted to pornography for 12 years and in deep denial of the fact that I was even addicted in the first place. After my wife found out about my pornography addiction, I went to Shawn for help. This was genuinely the best choice I have ever made. While some sessions were more difficult and vulnerable than others and the process of breaking free of my addiction was long, it was all very worth it. Now that I am on the other side, life has never been so vibrant, colourful, fun, meaningful and godly. This mentoring was the best choice I have ever made”


84% of our clients either graduate from our coaching program or make tremendous progress towards their recovery goal

approved method to work with clients struggling with pornography

Proven Methods

When our clients commit to their recovery journey, the results have been phenomenal. This is why we keep doing what we do!

Hey, I’m Shawn! I have had the privilege of coaching men to freedom from pornography since 2018. Along the way, I have learned the best and most cutting-edge approaches that really work and im happy to say that my clients can be a testimony to that! All of the work I do is backed by my own 14-year addiction to porn and even more, my reocvery and freedom since 2017.

Shawn Bonneteau

Shawn Bonneteau

Co Founder & Lead Coach - Secret Habit

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