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Do You Want To Understand WHY?


“Why Do I Continue To Struggling?”


“Why Can’t I Seem To Quit?”


“Why Isn’t Anything Working?”


We believe that knowing the “why” behind your sexual struggle changes everything. When one does not understand why they do what they do, hopelessness often occurs, leaving them to feel stuck, despite all of their efforts. On the other hand, hope emerges when one can make sense of why they do what they do. To know the real reasons behind your porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, or other unwanted sexual behaviors is the key to unlocking a peace that leads one down the true road of recovery.


Secret Habit Helps You
Uncover Root Causes

We understand how hard it can be to walk this journey alone. Attempting to quit porn, overcome erectile dysfunction, or heal from betrayal can feel daunting, to say the least. Working with a Certified Mentor will help ensure you get the right support for your personal need. As a result, you will no longer have to guess what you should do for quitting porn. You will be guided along the way so you can reach your desired outcome of sexual integrity and wholeness.

Makes Sense of Your Struggle

Connect the dots from your past to your present through story healing

Renew Your Thought Life

Thinking differently is the first step to acting differently

Write a New Sexual Story

Begin a new life without porn. One that is free to experience sexual integrity

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Before working with secret habit I was addicted to pornography. I was trapped both mentally and spiritually. I would justify why it was ok to watch porn while knowing it was not. I was lying to my wife whenever she approached me and was secretive about my cellphone use. I even became desensitized when it came to actually engaging in sex. Secret habit has helped me understand why I was escaping to porn and masturbation. Shawn helped me develop tools to identify what was causing me to escape and learn how to develop better habits. I no longer yearn for porn or masturbation. I feel completely natural and free knowing that I’m not hiding anything. I feel such a sense of freedom that there is no more guilt. It’s a great feeling when you can look at yourself in the mirror and not be ashamed of what you see. I would like to share my story with others and help people know that there is a way to get out… before this experience with Secret Habit, I had convinced myself that it was impossible to give up porn and masturbation, but now I am walking in freedom!


As someone trying to work out a relationship filled with much mistrust and betrayal, I found myself needing a great deal of accountability and guidance. I needed to learn how to get out of my own head where I was living every day in fear and anxiety. Helena’s mentoring and program has been incredibly helpful in helping me work through my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. She has helped me examine them and check them against scripture, and to find security and rest in God. This practice has also helped me frame and change my behavior. I can now respond and live in Christ-likeness instead of being stuck in sinful and self-defeating behaviors. I have much hope and rejoicing, even in this current season of pain knowing that it is only with the testing and blessing of God that I would be able to persevere no matter the outcome. I am excited to be able to live in thanksgiving for all that has happened, to continue utilizing these tools in my life, with the grace of God, and share His wisdom with others.

“I really didn’t know what was wrong before I found out about Secret Habit. I thought I was doing ok on my own… Sadly, I was stuck and couldn’t figure out why I kept going back to porn… Before working with Shawn, I really had no idea know how to process my emotions. Thankfully, the group that I joined was a place that I felt safe to open up. It really helped me process what I was feeling for the first time. Shawn really helped me stay committed to my recovery. He led from the integrity of his own healing and kept a high standard to follow. When making the decision to work with Secret Habit, I had to turn down thousands of dollars in film jobs so I could invest my time and energy into the group. Shawn challenged me to put a value on what my identity and freedom are worth.
I am happy to say that that they are worth ALOT.”



Before Secret Habit, I was hopeless and tired of managing my lust. I was desperate for true freedom from my porn addiction. Secret Habit has been a place of healing and refuge for me. I have learned so much about how my past childhood experiences and family dynamics contributed to my unwanted sexual behavior. As I address my past and present circumstances through one-and-one mentoring — I can see the shame and guilt being lifted off. Today, I have hope and a clear path to freedom, as I continue taking steps towards life and away from the deadly grip of pornography. Shawn has been an awesome mentor! He truly lives out what he teaches. I am most excited for long-lasting freedom, a healthy marriage, and the opportunity to help other men recover in the near future.

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Secret Habit Mentorship Approach

We believe that one needs more than just a coach on this journey of quitting porn. While it’s important to have someone speak into your life and inspire you to push through, we love the idea of being “guides” to those we work with. Because we have been on this journey for many years, we are prepared and equipped to help you get to where you want to go.

The mentor/guide approach is quickly becoming one of the most effective options for sexual addiction recovery or quitting porn. Because we offer guidance that positively impacts your entire life, not just your sexual behavior, the results are tremendous.


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