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All-In-One Porn Recovery Coaching

You Can Recover From Pornography Addiction
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Heal The Roots

Renew Your Mind

Enjoy Freedom

Most Porn Recovery Methods Are Ineffective

It can feel impossible to quit when it seems like you’ve tried everything with no success

Pastors, Church Leaders, Counsellors and Therapists are often ill equipped to help you heal the deep roots that drive your pornography addiction…. WHY?


Lust Managment

White knuckling your behaviour without healing the root issue


Education Gaps

Lack of studies for sexual addiction in the school systems


Purity Culture

View of Gods design for sexuality is driven by shame


Harmful Resources

Promote unbiblical and misogynistic principles


No Experience

There is no relatability without a personal testimony


56% Watch Porn

Barna Study reports that the leaders we look to also struggle

Recovery Is Possible With The Right Help

We understand your struggle because we’ve been there as well. We are backed by more than 5 years of freedom from porn, focused studies to help with porn addiction and experience helping men since 2018.

Because of what we have experienced through freedom from porn we have a deep desire to help you experience it too…. To reclaim what God made beautiful


Personal Experience

14 year addiction… 5 years of freedom


Focused Expertise

Specific skills to help with porn addiction


Holistic Approach

Healing the mind, body and spirit


Proven Recovery Systemy

Backed by 4 years of client success

Relationships Transformed

I understand your struggle, I have been there as well

Secret Habit’s foundation:

Personal Experience (living testimony of freedom)

Honesty and Authenticity 

Biblical + Psychological Approach

Over 2000 Relationships Transformed

Certified Professional Mentor, Coach, Podcast Host and Sexual Freedom Educator

freedom from pornography results

Freedom Plan

Freedom begins with the decision to get the help you need

1. Message Us

Lets connect and find out how we can help you

2. Start your recovery journey

Get on the right path with expert guidance

3. Live free from porn addiction

Live a life you can be proud of

Can't Quit Porn Alone

Let's have a 30 minute call to learn where you are at so we can help you get to where you want to be

Resetting the way you think

Develop the necessary mindsets and skills that recovery requires so you can build a sturdy foundation

Understanding the why behind your present struggles

Pinpoint the deeper drivers behind your addiction so you can tackle the real problem

Connecting the dots to find answers from your past

Uproot painful formative memories so they can be understood, brought to the light, and released

Pinpoint whats holding you back and remove it for good

Learn how to name and overcome the spiritual and emotional strongholds that have been holding you back

Mind, body, spirit formation

Develop a new belief system, let go of what has entangled you and become free to think clearly and live pure

Freedom From Pornography

You are equip to be out in the world, free from pornography

ALL IN ONE Pornography Recovery Coaching System

This is what you get:

Weekly Coaching

Weekly Coaching Calls

Full access to coaching calls on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Each week you get a chance to raise your hand and get coached LIVE by Shawn. Get ready to learn, grow and heal by getting coached and watching other men get coached.


Spotlight Saturdays: hands-on live coaching with Shawn


Community Tuesdays: Experience connection, friendship, reassurance, and accountability in a safe environment

Ask a Coach

Inside your membership portal, you have an opportunity to ask questions at any time. Get written replies from a coach within 48 hours to help you with your recovery in between coaching calls.


ask a coach
Private Secret Habit Community

Private Community

Inside the all-in-one system you'll get lifetime access to the private community full of like minded men on the same journey as you. You can look forward to inspirational posts encouraging comments and opportunities to find accountability partners.


Private and Encrypted community (Mobile and Desktop)


Space for encouragement, friendship and accountability

The Course

Combining the Bible with Psychology, Shawn will walk you step-by-step through the faith-based porn recovery process to help you get from point A to point B.

The Video Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started Right: Helping Starting the course with the right heart and expectations

Module 2: Living a Life On Principle: Learn how to create a mission and vision, take ownership, develop self-control, become obedient and grow in your consistency

Module 3: Developing Self Awareness: The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it's connection. Learn how to connect to God, yourself and those around you as you become aware and vulnerable and learn the foundational skill of journalling

Module 4: Biblical Foundations: Getting the right foundation is key. That's why we help you build it on the truth of God and the gospels of Jesus Christ. Learn about his truth, spiritual health, confession and repentance and spiritual warfare.

Module 5: Your Present Struggles: Having language for your struggles is so important. That's why learning about your brain, your triggers and the conflicting forces in your life makes this module such an important one.

Module 6: Understanding Your Past: Being able to understand where your struggles started is crucial to healing. That's why I want to walk you through how to name the pain, dismantle the shame and powers it holds and move into writing your new story.

Module 7: Removing What’s In The Way: Our lives are so much more than just physical... we are spiritual beings, and because of this, we need to dig into the spiritual side of healing and look at our beliefs, attachments and areas of unforgiveness to be able to truly heal our hearts

Module 8: Living a Healthy Life: Freedom from porn is amazing... And I want to help you live it out by developing a healthy lifestyle that encouraged greater freedom, joy and integrity

You Are Backed By Our GUARANTEE


If you don’t receive any value, we are not doing a good job coaching. We believe in what we do and want you to have peace of mind. If you commit to showing up and doing the expected work in the Recovery System for 30 days and don’t receive value, we will give you a full 100% refund.


You can recover from pornography

At Secret Habit, we know you want to live a life free from pornography. To do that, you need to get to the root of the issue.

The problem is getting into the areas that need deep healing is incredibly hard, especially if you go at it alone. This isolation creates a cycle of failure and shame that slowly erodes us from the inside out.

We want you to know that we understand your struggle because we’ve been there too. This is why we live and teach from our personal experiences of sobriety and freedom. We believe you and your loved ones deserve more than porn. And we know together, we can overcome this addiction.

You can recover from Pornography


An all-in-one systemized and proven roadmap to helping Christian men experience lasting freedom from porn

Proven Roadmap: 21 Video Lessons

Expert Guidance: Weekly Coaching

Connection: Virtual Private Community



Experience The Joy of Freedom From Porn


Clear mind

Experience The Peace of a Healthy Thought Life

Secret Habit Program

The Essential Step For

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