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"I had tried to quit porn so many times, but I could only get so far on my own... I decided to work with Shawn because the method of recovery he uses actually works! I am now free for the longest I have ever been, and to have my life back is the greatest feeling in the world"

Tobias, Germany

"I was exposed to porn in my teens which lead me to becoming addicted and unable to quit on my own. When I met Helena, she was the most caring and amazing person I had ever met. I am so grateful for God who sent helpers to help point me towards the steps to true recovery."

Nony, Zimbabwe

“Shawn & Helena are so real, bold and courageous to be confronting this topic. Through their own addictions and healing from porn, they’ve learned how to transform their focus and become addicted to God’s call on their lives. I am sure God will use them abundantly to redeem those who are still in chains to pornography.”

Walid, Bierut

“I knew I was addicted to porn as I had tried to quit for 5 years without success. When I met Shawn, he was free for over a year and acted as a role model for me. This gave me hope that freedom was possible for me too. I am thankful to say that I am no longer addicted to porn! I don’t sexualize things like I used to, my emotions are more regulated, and my life is much more stable and enjoyable"

Thomas E, Vancouver

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Mentorship Approach 

We approach healing with scientific, spiritual and physical methods to ensure the most effective form of recovery.

Mentors are becoming the best option in helping specific issues such as pornography and betrayal. Working with a Mentor is a lot like a mountain climber following a “sherpa guide” on a journey from the bottom to the peak. As sexual addiction “sherpas” we have walked the walk and understand the path better than anyone else. We know the pitfalls, the struggles, and the way to the top so you can be confident following our steps.

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Secret Habit: Division of Open Door Centre

Open Door has been a pivotal influence in the Halifax region for the past 30 years. With their focus being on Sexually Exploited Youth and Unplanned Pregnancies, their addition of the Secret Habit division now allows for anyone struggling with sexuality to be helped.

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