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You & Your Loved Ones Deserve Better than Porn

We Help People Heal From The Harmful Effects Of Porn

I Bet You Already Know,
Behaviour Management Doesn’t Work



Secret habit has given me great support by providing me with a lot of practical tools to help me overcome my struggles with porn. These days my marriage is getting stronger and our communication is better then ever. I find myself more and more everyday living with the feeling of freedom. I am definitely looking forward to being able to help other men who may struggle with porn, and offer them hope, knowing that there is a way out.

Client 1

My husband and I are now both in a season of recovery and we are stepping into the best and most truest versions of ourselves each and every day. We have tasted what it is like to have a porn-free marriage, and it’s been too sweet to go back to the bondage of porn. As we continue to work with Shawn and Helena, we hope to experience complete freedom in this area of our lives, and one day we hope to help others as they have helped us!

Client 2

I have learned so much about how my past childhood experiences and family dynamics contributed to my unwanted sexual behavior. Shawn has been an awesome mentor! He truly lives out what he teaches. I am most excited for long-lasting freedom, a healthy marriage and the opportunity to help other men recover in the near future

Client 3

Before working with Secret Habit my life was not in my control. I felt that I was spiralling and did not know how to help myself. Secret Habit helped me so much in gaining a better understanding of my addiction and where it stems from. My life now is so plentiful and I feel so fulfilled, knowing that my addiction does not control me! I am most excited to live a fulfilled and healthy life with what I have learned from Secret Habit

Client 4

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Mentorship Approach

With mentorship, we approach healing with scientific, spiritual and physical methods to ensure the most effective form of recovery.

The idea of mentor-like support is becoming the best option in helping specific issues such as pornography and betrayal. Working with this approach is a lot like a “sherpa guide” helping someone climb a mountain.

What that means is that we know the path to the top, the pitfalls and the struggles, and we can help you climb through it all so you can reach the peak.

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