Together, let’s overcome porn addiction

Today, you can stop living captive to your addiction and instead start your journey towards freedom

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Let us know what is your situation so we can best help you

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Porn addiction can be incredibly challenging to overcome. Feeling alone will only make your freedom plan harder to achieve.


Porn Addiction or Erectile Dysfunction


Heartbreak/ Betrayal Trauma


Sexual frustration in your relationship

We can help through our experience

We live and teach from our personal experiences of sobriety, freedom and combining faith and science


Freedom from porn

Focus on your God-given identity/ Develop a powerful connection and sex life/ No more wasting time on your addiction


Healing Trust, Safety

Give your pain a voice/  Build on a new foundation through renewal of Mind

“Now that I am on the other side, life has never been so vibrant, colourful, fun, meaningful and godly. This mentoring was the best choice I have ever made“

Robinson Adames

School Counsellor

“I no longer yearn for porn or masturbation. I feel completely natural and I feel so free now knowing I’m not hiding anything.”


“There is freedom in understanding why we fall into temptation.  Every aspect of my life is stronger because of Secret Habit.” 

Joe Dipenta

NHL Cup Champion, Business Owner

Together, let's overcome porn addiction


Find a deeeper purpose


Have an intimate marriage


Get hours of your day back

Connect With Us

Let us know what is your situation so we can best help you

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Porn Withdrawal Survival Guide

What happens to your body, mind, and spirit during the first 90 days after quitting porn? 

In this E-Book you will learn:

Understand the science behind the process and the brain

Action steps and mindset shifts for first 90 days

Gain strategies for overcoming porn withdrawals 


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