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My husband watches porn… What do I do?

Are you experiencing the pain of damaged trust, safety, and security in your relationship?

This is a place of compassion for what you’re going through…

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my husband watches porn married couple healed from porn Shawn and Helena Bonneteau

Most Advice Is Unhelpful… It Drives You To White-Knuckle The Problem On Your Own

Most women have a hard time finding the help they need..Are you one of us who in most cases was met with unhelpful resources and advice?

Bad Advice: Focusing on Forgive and Forget

Lack an in-depth understanding and compassion of the state of overwhelming women experience 


Unhelpful message of:
“You just need to move on”


Misunderstandings of forgiveness, further pain and, disassociated posture 

why is forget and forgive unhelpful advice

“Many women try to forgive and forget, move on from betrayal trauma, without real grief, story understanding which than leads them to further white-knuckling and overwhelm”

The problem of not looking at a story when healing from betrayal trauma

“I didn’t start truly living and understanding who I am until I realized that I have a story too!”

Big Problem: Surface Issues & Neglecting The Deeper Story

Suggestion like “If you would wear suggestive clothing, have more sex, just read your Bible more and be less emotional” Focus on the surface “problems” 


When compassion is absent, so is healing…


Disregard of the fact that you have a sexual story too..

I am here for you, to guide you through this messy journey, You are not alone

I am committed to bringing you the best of what I have learned on this journey of recovering from the effects of my husbands pornography addiction in our relationship and healing from betrayal trauma

Renewing Your mind healing from betrayal trauma course

Betrayal Trauma Recovery: Holistic Healing:

God is the creator of our bodies, minds and spirits. This means they ALL matter and all work together

What Works: Holistic Healing

The focus of this program is to holistically look at what is happening deep down inside you and to help examine your mind, body and spirit as you navigate this difficult time


Experience and find safety again


Find sanity in the midst of insanity


Lifestyle that will impact all areas of your life positively


Deepen your relationship and faith

Holistic healing from my husband's pornography addiction

You have a Story Too!

We have to become compassionate and curious listeners of our stories, thoughts, feelings and deep down beliefs. 

What Works: Giving Your Pain a Voice & Renewing Your Mind

We all have a past story of sexuality – some of “purity” and maybe some of a”wild life”…Your personal sexual story connects so much of what you are experiencing today. You must know that your story is longing to be attended by the Perfect Healer that you have full access to.


Learn to renew your mind


Learn about your sexual story


Connect the dots, let the Perfect Healer heal and renew your Core Beliefs


Feel grounded in your faith and renewed beliefs

Meet your Coach

Hey, I’m Helena! Since 2018, I have had the privilege of coaching women that have had their relationships damaged by their partner’s use of pornography. My goal is to help you navigate your new painful reality and help you give your pain a voice. I am all about holistic healing and transformation that comes by combining faith and science. This approach is built from my own experiences and past story of toxic relationships, pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, sexual abuse, and body image issues. I remember feeling exhausted from white-knuckling it all on my own and hiding behind a mask because I didn’t know who to talk to. This drove me to create community coaching system together with a course to help women have a place of trusted and proven guidance, to know that they are not alone.

Helena Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Coach and Podcast Host, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Healing Story

healing from betrayal trauma Halifax
“When I found Helena, I was in the most painful moment of my life and I was desperate for help. I was experiencing severe betrayal trauma after discovering that my boyfriend, Noah, was lying to me and watching pornography. Helena became my Sherpa guide through the grief, anger, anxiety and uncertainty that consumed my life. She led me with great compassion, grace and a smile that gave me hope. Helena did more than help me cope and heal from betrayal, she discipled me. She taught me how to practically renew my mind with God’s word, how to lament, and how to depend on God no matter what my circumstances looked like. Today, Noah and I are married and are more in love with Jesus and each other, more than ever. We are now able to even disciple others and use our story as a testimony of God’s grace as we continue to grow ourselves.”

Feel Better Plan:

1. message

Lets connect and find out how we can help you

2. Start the journey

Get on the right path with expert guidance

3. Feel better

Live a life of grounding and health of body, mind, spirit

Weekly Betrayal Trauma Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Coaching Calls

Full access to coaching calls on Thursdays. Each week you get a chance to raise your hand and get coached LIVE by Helena. Get ready to learn, grow and heal by getting coached and watching other women get coached.


Spotlight Thursdays: hands-on live coaching with Helena

Ask a Coach

Inside your membership portal, you have an opportunity to ask questions at any time. Get written replies from a coach within 48 hours to help you with your recovery in between coaching calls.


Ask a coach betrayal trauma healing
betrayal trauma online community

vetted Community

Inside the all-in-one system you’ll get access to the vetted community full of like minded women on the same journey as you. You can look forward to inspirational posts encouraging comments and opportunities to find friendships. We make sure women connect with us via email first before enrol, which ensures greater security to the community.


Vetted and Encrypted community (Mobile and Desktop)


Space for encouragement and friendship

The Course

Combining the Bible with Psychology, Helena will walk you step-by-step through the faith-based porn recovery process to help you get from point A to point B.

Betrayal Trauma Healing Course Canada

Inside Betrayal Trauma Online Course Content


Your STORY holds so many answers, that’s why you will be Giving your Pain a Voice through Story Healing, much like David in the book of Psalms

Betrayal Trauma Online Course Wife of A Porn Addict

1. Our Natural Response

The what and why behind betrayal trauma/ The natural response of your emotions/ Interview of my husband to bring hope and perspective

Story Healing From Betrayal Trauma

2. Story Healing

The Process and Normality of Grieving/ Learn To Give Your Pain a Voice Through Your Story Writing, 

Trauma Effects On You As A Wife Of A Sex Addict

3. Caring For Yourself

How to Renew Your Mind (Romans 12:2)/ Body Image/ How to Confront Distress and Anxiety

Thought Model and Healing from Betrayal Trauma

4. Trauma Effects

The Effects That Trauma Has On You and and Your Partner /The Meaning Behind Trust/ How to Find and Create Safety

Who's Business Are You In? Unhealthy Control in Wife of Sex Addicts

5. The Lie Behind Control

The deception of control/ unhealthy and healthy anger cycles/ the question of do we need to forgive and how to actually forgive 

How to set healthy boundaries online course

6. Boundaries and Plan

Set Healthy Boundaries And have a Balance/ The big picture behind your story with your husband/ Should I stay or leave

And theres even more that I have for you…

This Betrayal Trauma Online Program comes with 2 EXTRA modules

Sex, Intimacy and Women's Health

Develop Your Own Sexual Template

Healthy Expectations, navigating sex

The connection between women’s health and sex

Disclosure Process

Understanding Disclosure

The Before, During and After Dislosure

Helpful tools for navigating the disclosure process

Women's health and sex when pornography is in relationship

EXTRA MODULE: Sex and Women's Health

Creating a Sexual Template for you and Your husband/ Unpack the things that are in the way of this happening so you can replace lies, fears, etc with truth, love and grace and start thriving

Full Disclosure Support Through an online course for women

EXTRA MODULE: Disclosure Process

What a Full Disclosure is, why you might want to consider doing one, and the steps of preparation for before, during, and after the session

Client Testimonies

Check out what our clients are saying about working with us

Helena became my Sherpa guide through the grief, anger, anxiety and uncertainty that consumed my life. She led me with great compassion, grace and a smile that gave me hope. Helena did more than help me cope and heal from betrayal, she discipled me. She taught me how to practically renew my mind with God’s word, how to lament, and how to depend on God no matter what my circumstances looked like. 

Helena has been one of the greatest blessings in my life! She helped me have compassion for my story and my broken sexuality.  My husband and I are now both in a season of recovery and we are stepping into the best and most truest versions of ourselves each and every day. We have tasted what it is like to have a porn-free marriage, and it’s been too sweet to go back to the bondage of porn

This is why our clients resonate with this approach from Betrayal Trauma Online Course

More client testimonies

Helena’s mentoring and program has been incredibly helpful in helping me work through my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, to examine them and check them against the Word of God, and to find security and rest. It has also helped me frame my behaviour and alert me to how I can respond and live despite suffering, instead of being stuck in self-defeating behaviours


You will be met with compassion and help to reclaim your sanity back. The healing of trust and security can begin now


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A note from Helena

When I finally realized that I don’t have to keep white-knuckling this on my own, everything changed. I stopped pretending that my life is perfect, that my husband’s problem is only HIS problem. I realized that I too have a story, my story matters, and that my story needed to be attended to by God. I renewed the deep-seated fears and thoughts I had on a daily basis and working through the deep-seated beliefs from my sexual story. Today I get to experience what it means to be healthy, self aware and purposeful in all life situations. I believe that when women start to realize that they too have a story, offer it compassion and love, they are able to find holistic healing.

Helena Bonneteau

Co-Founder and Lead Coach, Secret Habit Life Coaching

Ready to move on from your husbands betrayal

Are you ready to give your pain a voice, to go beneath the skin and heal from BETRAYAL TRAUMA and find trust and connection with your husband again?

Its time to find solid ground and stand firm in who you are through Betrayal Trauma Online Program

Understand your story and offer it compassion

Give your pain a voice and renew your mind

Experience community, connect with other women

Learn from your mistakes and enjoy total well being

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