Selfcare During Recovery

Written by Shawn Bonneteau

August 14, 2019

Are you the kind of person that wants to feel a sense of relief while in recovery?
This does not have to be difficult… There is something called “self-care” in the world of recovery and it may very well be the thing keeping you from giving recovery your all and all
Self-care is often left out because one may feel as if they don’t “deserve” it. Or maybe they feel they don’t need it…

But let me tell you, the topics I am going to cover today are vital to one staying fresh, alert, and able to pursue recovery in the way it requires.

This is a self-care acronym from the Pure Desire Conquer series that I really reinstated with. Its called “SEEDS” and Its something that has stuck with me ever since:
Social Contact
I will split each piece of the equation and give you the negative outcome if it is not taken seriously, and the positive if it is. I call the negative the “lacking habits” and the positive the “on track habits”
The Lacking Habits- How these work against you to keep you watching porn, masturbating, and letting emotions fester
  • Social Contact – When one ignores the connection, they welcome isolation. This becomes the breeding ground for shame, faulty core beliefs, and lies from the enemy. To lock your addiction inside is like locking an elephant in a smart car… It just won’t work out well. This route leads to further isolation, deeper addiction, and much worse consequences.

  • Education – They say you are what you read. Well, if you are not reading anything good and spending all day filling your mind with porn, then you are not heading in the best direction according to that saying… When you neglect to learn the steps to recovery, reading about others freedom, and finding things that motivate you to quit porn, it makes it nearly impossible to feel like you could actually quit one day.

  • Exercise – When you are, for lack of better words “lazy” your mind works differently. The feeling of guilt is very real when you know you “should be” working out but you don’t. Low confidence and a shrinking self-image are very common when we start to compare others who “look better” than we do. The laziness we treat our body with transfers to the laziness of the mind… No healthy dopamine, no healthy stress relief, and no healthy habit to take over for the porn and masturbation habit you do have…
  •  Diet – Yes, we could all imagine a comic of a Mom saying “You are what you eat” to her son who has turned into a candy bar with eyes… But, to look at this with a serious tone we need to understand that when we are hungry, tired, or feeling out of shape we are often very tempted… These 3, and several more feelings or emotions can be linked directly to how we fuel our bodies. If you are going to fill your body with garbage then you will have garbage results… and this goes much further than the old gym saying. I’m talking about life and death! Your marriage, your children, your dignity which are all on the line when you play with fire.
  • Sleep – Iv heard it and sadly iv believed it… “Entrepreneurs sleepless” or how about “You can sleep when you’re dead”. Sleep is an absolute integral part of any healing process, especially one of the mind! When we let our sleep dwindle to a mere 5 hours a night we are letting the enemy take ownership of our mind. We are going to be tempted with feelings of exhaustion that lead to compulsive behavior and the desire to isolate which leads to binge-watching porn and a further masturbation habit.
There is something called “self-care” in the world of recovery and it may very well be the thing keeping you from giving recovery your all and all
Self-care is often left out because one may feel as if they don’t “deserve” it. Or maybe they feel they don’t need it…
On Track Habits- How these work in your favor to help you quit porn and stop masturbating


  • Social Contact – “The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, its connection”. This quote is something that should radically change the way you see recovery. Connection with others is what will motivate, inspire, and convict you. To have peers going through recovery with you, and to have mentors who have walked the walk before is where you will want to get too. You are encouraged to get a core group of “battle buddies” and people you can trust with your life. The kind of people whom you know will help you through any trial you are facing. 

  • Education – “I never let school get in the way my education is a quote that I love! Maybe you have a pre conceded notion about learning that has kept you from engaging further, but let me tell you, to learn about how to recover will be a game changer for you. Read others stories of freedom, watch videos on how the brain changes from porn, and get inspired by tips on how to handle your temptations. With the internet and a Kindle app, the world of education is truly your oyster. 

  • Exercise – You know how it goes… You get back to working out and it feels so good; Physically, mentally, and emotionally! This comes from a healthy dopamine hit that your body craves, as well as from healthy circulation of blood flow in your brain. When you feel better about yourself you will be more willing to take a stand for what is right. When our mind is centred on a goal bigger than just “getting healthy” such as “feeding my body what it needs to live a pure life” we can see a change of heart that leads to a deeper desire to exercise. 

  • Diet  – Energy is necessary to quit porn… The greatest source of energy throughout the day is food. This is an internal and external truth that I believe needs a mindset switch. Similar to the “Exercise” goal, we need to start thinking thoughts like “I will say yes to my purity, my spouse, and my God” when you want to take the edge off with a cookie. Food feeds the mind, simple as that… When you feed the mind healthy foods, you are getting vitamins and nutrients that will help fuel you all the way to quitting porn and your masturbation habit. 

  • Sleep – When we sleep 7-8 hours a night we are giving our bodies time to regenerate the energy it takes to truly grow and change while still having the energy to other necessary things. Being ahead of the 8 ball in the morning will give you a much stronger conviction to stay pure another day. This is not only about sleep but also a healthy sleep routine to go with it. Included in this could be a bedtime breathing technique, bible reading, and meditation time. In the morning we should have something pre-planned that we are excited to do! Maybe this is a new breakfast recipe, a reading time, or a workout.
Now you have some great information to turn into inspiration. Let you mind be driven by a reason and a purpose and you will see yourself become who you truly want to be.

Are you the kind of person that wants to feel a sense of relief while in recovery?


Self Care Acronym: “SEEDS”

  • Social Contact
  • Exercise     
  • Education
  • Diet
  • Sleep

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