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The Opposite of Addiction is NOT Sobriety, Its Connection

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You’re Not Alone:

How the FREE Secret Habit Community Helps Christian Men Find Healing from Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

We understand how it feels to struggle with porn addiction and unwanted sexual behaviors. It can be a lonely and isolating experience. That’s why we created the Secret Habit Community – a safe and supportive space for Christian men to find healing.


You Matter:

We want you to feel loved, seen, and cared for. By creating a space where you can share your struggles and receive support from others who understand what you’re going through, we know how much this will help on your path to recovery

You Can Thrive as a Confident, Healthy & Free Man:

We want you to engage in the world while becoming a healthy fulfilled follower of Jesus Christ.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection”

Discover The Benefits of Joining The Free Secret Habit Community

You’ll find a safe and supportive space where you can share your struggles, celebrate your wins, and get expert guidance on your path to recovery. Our community offers valuable resources, including free access to virtual courses, weekly podcasts and blog posts


Safe Space

You can share your struggles without fear of judgment or shame, through community that understands what you’re going through


High Quality Content

You’ll receive podcast episodes, blog posts, and other special content designed to help you on your recovery journey


No Ads or Distractions

There are no ads or distractions within the community, so you can focus on your recovery without any external distractions

Your Questions Answered:

"How is this community safe?"

Each member who requests to join is screened to ensure they align with our policy and purpose. We do everything we can to set a healthy standard with community rules and core values.

"What if I'm not ready to engage in the community?"

We want you to belong before you engage. This is a safe place for you to sit on the sidelines and learn if that’s all you’re ready for right now. With free mini-courses and weekly content, you’ll get value regardless of how ready you are to engage

"How will this community help me?"

The whole idea of this free online community is to help you wherever you’re at. It offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded men, find accountability partners, ask for prayer, learn from the free content and even get started with a coach. There’s something for everyone, come see for yourself!

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