Porn Addiction Recovery

We know what it’s like to deal with porn addiction, betrayal trauma, and sexual struggles and we can relate to your story. We want to bring refreshing truths that will lead you to love stronger. Join us for purpose-driven couples talking about issues that were actually helpful.


Trailer: A Safe Place To Talk About Godly Sexuality, And Not So Godly Parts Too

by Shawn and Helena Bonneteau/ Secret Habit | Season 1, Trailer

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Intense Orgasm and How Porn Ruins It.

In this blog, Helena and I will explore the topic of orgasm and its importance in a healthy sexual relationship. Our personal experience led us to the topic, and we discovered that many women face difficulties in achieving orgasm, often leading to feelings of shame...

How to Overcome Porn Addiction/ Guide to Sexual  Triggers and Watching Porn

We all get sexually triggered, but that's not the real problem behind your porn addiction. The real problem is that very few men know why they're being triggered and how to deal with the root issue. This makes it hard to respond to triggers and regulate yourself,...

Uncover the Secrets to Successful Porn Addiction Recovery Group: 8 Key Factors to Consider in a Support Group

So many men that I know have had a poor experience when it comes to porn addiction recovery groups. It's not that the group was “bad”, but it just felt “off”. Often I hear about a sense of stagnation in the growth of the participants and leaders and a posture of...

9 Steps To Inner Child Healing When Addicted To Porn

Inner child healing has become a really popular concept of late. Just recently, I became an Inner Child Recovery Specialist. It's becoming so popular because it makes a ton of sense and the approach really works! If you have felt stuck in your addiction to porn, are...

How do porn addiction symptoms affect your life as a dad?

A perspective for dads from a dad It has become pretty mainstream news that porn addiction affects your well-being. The issue used to be strictly seen as a religious concern, but over the years, neuroscience and many secular sources have proven otherwise. This means...

Where to find porn addiction online accountability partners?

I can't stop watching porn... Where do I find porn addiction online accountability partners? Finding accountability partners for porn addiction recovery can feel arduous. Regardless if it's online or in person, it's never easy to open up about what you’re going...

How To Help Your Partner With Porn Addiction?

What to do and not do when dating someone addicted to porn Getting into a relationship only to find out that he struggles with porn can be devastating. On one hand, you want to assume the best, support him and be strong… but on the other hand, you feel angry,...

The 4 Stages of Porn Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

What to expect in the first 90 days after quitting porn Most men today are completely lost when it comes to healing from porn. They’re left to the white knuckle, manage their lust, and throw mud against the wall hoping something will finally work. The reality is that...

The Top 10 Signs You May Have An Addiction To Porn

What Is the definition of Porn Addiction and How Can I Tell If I Have It? In the past, it was widely believed that porn addiction wasn’t real; that it was just a myth made up by moralists trying to control people’s behavior. However, more and more studies have shown...

8 Benefits Of Quitting Porn

What are the benefits when you quit porn? When you’re addicted to porn, it can be easy to overlook the negative impact that it’s having on your life. As you quit porn, however, you’ll start to notice just how many benefits quitting porn has brought into your life,...

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Meet The Hosts

Helena Bonneteau

Helena Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Coach, Podcast Host/ Secret Habit Life Coaching

Hey, I’m Helena! Since 2018, I have had the privilege of coaching women that have had their relationships damaged by their partner’s use of pornography. My goal is to help you navigate your new painful reality and help you give your pain a voice. I am all about holistic healing and transformation that comes by combining faith and science. This approach is built from my own experiences and past story of toxic relationships, pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, sexual abuse, and body image issues. I remember feeling exhausted from white-knuckling it all on my own and hiding behind a mask because I didn’t know who to talk to. This drove me to create the Betrayal Trauma Online Self Guided Program to help women have a place of trusted and proven guidance, to know that they are not alone.

Shawn Bonneteau

Shawn Bonneteau

Co-Founder, Lead Coach, Podcast host/ Secret Habit Life Coaching

Shawn Bonneteau has a deep passion for helping men live an abundant life after pornography. With his own 14 year addiction to porn and masturbation, he knows first hand what it is like to struggle. Since 2017, Shawn has been an advocate for holistic healing from things like porn addiction, (porn induced) erectile dysfunction and other sexual struggles. He has coached and mentored men from around the world, spoken to crowds in person and virtually from all over the globe, and has led trainings for leaders wanting to help their organizations deal with the harms of pornography. Shawn lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Helena and their daughter Violet. In his free time, he loves to go for walks, play chess, film his daughter doing new things, rollerblade and go to the beach.”

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About the Secret Habit Podcast
Porn Addiction Recovery

Do you wish there were some fun, purpose-driven couples talking about sex in a way that was actually helpful? Back when we were struggling, we certainly did, and that is why the Secret Habit podcast exists. We are Shawn and Helena Bonneteau and we are committed to helping you experience just how satisfying God’s design for sexuality can be. Because we know what it’s like to deal with things like porn addiction, betrayal trauma, and sexual struggles we can relate to your story and bring refreshing, restorative truths that will lead you to love stronger, laugh harder, and sex better.


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Do you wish there were some fun, purpose-driven couples talking about sex in a way that was actually helpful? Back when we were struggling, we certainly did, and that is why the Secret Habit podcast exists. Let out Failures Be Your Success!